Successful completion of Solar gas turbine CHP training


On April 1, training lesson held by Solar started at the Lei Shing Hong factory in Kunshan. There are more than 20 people attending in training this time which included all the sales and engineers from Lei Shing Hong Machinery who’s the authoried packager of Solar Turbines Incorporated, Solar Turbines Incorporated and Shanghai Mariso Turbomachine Service Co., Ltd who’s the authoried representative of Solar Turbines Incorporated. The Solar sales manager who’s in charge of Asia Pacific took some time out of his busy schedule and participated in the whole course of training. This training was to strengthen furtherly our cognition of gas turbine CHP and improve personal professional accomplishment. It has built a good foundation for provding better service for Chinese customer.

The main lecturer is the development manager of Solar Turbines Incorporated, Paolo. During the lesson, Paolo combined the theory with practice, kept giving lively and interesting lessons and the atmosphere is very active. Paolo gave the respective expaination about SS (spark spread), WSS (weighted spark spread), etc. He also emphasized that to save money for customer is the key point, and it has benefited us a lot.

On April 4, after the strict examination, the training was over. All the responses from students were great and did hope this kind of training should be more.