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Other position recruitment

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Position City Release time Operation
Sale Manager Shanghai 2019-11-13 Open
Position Description:

Responsible for sales promotion of Solar brand gas turbine in China market except oil industry:
1. Responsible for project tracking within the distribution area;
2. Be responsible for project tracking in their respective regions, including EPC projects;
3. Responsible for the distribution of market work in the region:
4. Be responsible for the contact, visit and exchange of the original cooperative units, the search and contact of the new cooperative units, and the cooperation of the technical exchange meeting;
5. Get the project number and arrange to sign the project agency agreement. Responsible for gas turbine sales task;

Position Requirements:

1. Bachelor degree or above in mechanical or electromechanical major, preferably gas turbine, thermal power, steam turbine, internal combustion engine, turbine or boiler.
2. At least 3 years of sales experience.
3. Priority shall be given to candidates with working experience in the fields of gas turbine, gas engine and compressor unit (power plant, user, complete manufacturing plant, engineering installation unit, sales unit, etc.).
4. Be proactive, brave to overcome difficulties and face challenges.
5. Have strong language organization and expression ability, good communication skills and team spirit.
6. Strong English listening, speaking, reading and writing skills; able to work in an all English environment.
7. Can travel at any time.