Shanghai Mariso Turbomachine Service Co., Ltd has multiple site service representatives and high professional teams to provide technical service of gas turbine installation, including the issues on electric, machinery, control and production flow. The skills of site service representatives are keeping updating, as a result they have newest and most modern professional knowledge and skills on gas turbine system maintenance. Every sit service representative has the support of technical engineering department.



Mariso can undertake the design of various types of thermal power plants with single unit capacity less than 50MW (including gas steam combined cycle power plant, gas turbine power plant, straw power plant, garbage power plant, waste heat utilization power plant, etc.)



In order to cooperate with Mariso to make customer service more convenient and economical, Shanghai Mariso Turbomachine Service Co., Ltd. commits to one-stop service, focusing on the development of gas turbine cogeneration installation project contracting, project management and joint commissioning business and capacity, as well as gas turbine cogeneration operation service and fault diagnosis and resolution service business and capacity.