Combined power and cooling; distributed energy; demonstration site

The first phase of Pudong Airport adopts the energy supply mode of "large concentration and small dispersion". In the power facility area of the airport, a central cooling and heating main station energy center is built, which is mainly responsible for supplying cooling and heating to the terminal, comprehensive office area, aviation food catering area, freight area, flight support area and business facility area, among which the base area and maintenance area of the airline company, etc. Single independent refrigeration and heating scheme is adopted. The energy center adopts the centaur-50, dual fuel (natural gas / diesel) gas turbine generator set, which can provide 10.5kv, 4000kW power; 9barg, 11t/h steam. The turnkey project was completed in 1999 and put into use in 2000. At the end of 2004, considering the decrease of natural gas supply pressure, a natural gas booster station (Shanghai Mariso Turbomachine Service Co., Ltd.) was added, which has been running well since January 2005