Combined power and heat; high efficiency;

Al Karam textile mill is a key processing enterprise in Pakistan and a major exporter of cloth raw materials. Among them, the joint factory in Karachi also operates spinning, weaving, finishing, processing, printing and dyeing equipment. The electric load demand of textile mill is 6.5mw electric power and 15t / HR steam respectively. The plant first bought electricity from the State Grid, and later, considering the reliability of the grid system, it added a standby gas engine. In 1992, the textile factory decided to adopt the gas turbine generator set with triple supply, which can provide the power and steam in the field reliably and stably, and save the energy cost in the factory to the greatest extent. The project adopts a half horse 50 generator set (double motor), which can provide 11kv and 6MW power at 32 ℃. The exhaust gas discharged by the gas turbine enters into the waste heat boiler and can generate steam with a pressure of 15barg and 15t/h for use in the textile process. The