Combined cooling power and heat; high efficiency; environmentally friendly

A Taurus-60 generator set with low NOx emission was installed at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA in November 1997. Duquesne University, in consideration of the energy conservation and environmental protection of the University, jointly invested with equitable Energy Co., Ltd. to build this cogeneration system. Duquesne University once used 30 large mechanical air conditioning and refrigeration devices, which are evenly distributed throughout the campus. The power is provided by the local power grid, the electric centrifugal chiller is distributed in the building to provide cold water, and 4 boilers provide steam in a centralized way. On the one hand, this old way of energy supply is inefficient, on the other hand, it pollutes the environment. The purpose of this project is to simplify such a large refrigeration unit, chiller and other equipment groups, enhance the ability of campus energy supply unit to provide unified heating, cooling and steam, fully recycle the